Every day you resist change is a gift to your competitors.

MAP - finding the right solutions for you

At MAP we believe that difficult problems quite often have simple and cheap solutions.


Too often we see companies trying to ”invest their way” out of problems. Instead we believe the most challenging and exciting part is to deeply analyze these issues, fully understanding them and finding the simple and robust solutions to eliminate or reduce them.


We want to make this journey together with you and share our experiences so that you in the future can take on similar challenges on your own.

The MAP way

Our way of working follows the traditional lean/six sigma methodologies. Together with the client we are using data establish a current state. From there on we together decide on how to proceed.


In other words, we "MAP" your processes or products and then support you in implementing improvements or solutions. Solutions that are tailor-made to suit your needs; we create a "MAP" on how to improve your competitiveness.


We also have a three step MA process where we togehter with you set up a system to focus on correct activities and transform your business.


And, as mentioned before, we really want you as a client to play a big part in this process from start to finish.